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Peoria Rentals team members

Meet Our Team

Brad - He is the owner and founder of Peoria Rentals. Brad is one of the most caring individuals you will meet, along with our whole team. His love and passion shows in all his work and how he operates the business. If you saw the team in action, you would never think that Brad was the "boss." Brad is just as goofy as the rest of us and loves to have fun. Don’t be fooled by his charm, the work he does is phenomenal. Brad is the brains and inspiration behind all our events.

Amanda - She works with our Sales and Customer Service; we always need a friendly face! Amanda is Brad’s wife and keeps him calm during stressful weeks. She loves 80’s music and we are often listening to her playlists at work. Turns out, we kind of like it too!

Kyle - Also known as T.K., checks in at a whopping 6’5", 6’6" with his boots. When asked what Kyle’s job was, he responded with "Who knows?" To be more specific, Kyle is General Manager of all Peoria Rentals operations. He handles all of the behind the scene work. Without Kyle, we wouldn’t be able to make it happen.

Adam - Also known as A.P., he is a workaholic. If you need something at 3am, he is there. Adam works to keep everyone on track, "the enforcer:" If you need something planned or booked, he had it done yesterday. Adam also works with efficiency reports and showing details about Peoria Rentals on paper. Adam is the man in charge of dispatching and fleet management.

Robert - He deserves an A+ for effort. Robert devotes a lot of time to the expansion of Peoria Rentals,. Ask for a hand and he will give you two! He is a really hard worker and is a key player in day-of operations and success. Robert likes to push our buttons. Whether he is throwing pens across the room or tossing water around, we just go with it. He is truly one of a kind and we are blessed to have him around.

Kenny - He is our Warehouse Manager. He is the one that makes our tents, chairs, tables, etc. look great. He has a great attention to detail and spends a lot of time making sure our inventory does not leave until perfect. Combining the hours he works and having a newborn baby at home, we wonder if he ever does sleep.

Regina - She is our bookkeeper. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her grandkids. With no late payments to date, she is definitely on her game. She is the number cruncher of the group. Thank goodness for Regina and her organizational skills.

Alex - Also known as "Who is that cute little guy?" He definitely knows how to roll with the big guys. Alex is there for some of the biggest occasions and events. We can always count on Alex to do a job well done. He is our go-getter and works hard to help the team get the job done smoothly.

Danielle, yours truly - I’m the Marketing Maven for Peoria Rentals, "the talker". If you connect with us on here, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you will be talking to me! I manage all marketing efforts including traditional and online social platforms. Being one of the few females on the team, I try my best to keep the guys in line. I have a witty personality and love talking with our fans, followers, new and prospective clients.


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